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TPMS for motorcycles


FOBO Bike is the world’s first all Bluetooth Smart advanced Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for two wheelers.

An motorcycle tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system witch hase no separate display. It communicates over bluetooth with your smartphone. The free Fobo App can bee downloaded in the Android Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

The Fobo tire sensor battery life is up to 2 years and easy to replace.

The main function of FOBO Bike is to monitor the air pressure and temperature of two wheelers & three wheelers like motorcycles, Can-Am Spider, bicycles. It then transmits the readings to a smart phone where the user can browse. The user can set upper and lower thresholds of the air pressure. FOBO Bike will monitor the pressure based on the thresholds with its smart algorithm and will provide three levels of alerts when the thresholds are breached.

24h x 7days monitoring of your bike tyres even when your bike ignition is switched off, for a complete peace of mind. FOBO Bike works round-the-clock to ensure your tyres stay properly inflated. FOBO Bike does not need an external power source. It comes with batteries included which last up to two years and are easily replaceable (battery type - CR2032).

Monitor up to 20 vehicles - from your smartphone simultaneously with just one single app.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)  and install FOBO Bike in less than 5 minutes without the need for professional help. Just follow the FOBO Bike app's simple on-screen instructions. You do not need to change or modify your tyre's existing pressure valve. Just screw on the FOBO Bike sensors, download the App, follow a few simple instructions given by the App and you are good to go

FOBO Bike sensors come with proprietary nuts and wrench for theft deterrent.

EAN 9555678601574

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Tire Watch - tyre pressure monitoring system for racing motorcycles TPMS

Tire Watch RACE in one of the best TPMS system for track days and racing applications where multiple wheels are used.
Up to 16 wheel sensors are able to be used allowing pressures and temperatures to be checked without touching the wheel!

During use pressure and temperature are displayed simultaneously and highest temperature and pressure can be recalled on the diplay unit. Wheel changes mean that the display unit recognises and displays the relevant data.

Main Features

  • Pressure & temperature information for each wheel (LCD display)
  • P & T° thresholds adjustable
  • Visual alarm when a defect is detected
  • Flash memory of maximum pressure and temperature each tire has reached

The startup kits include:

  • 1 x LF TRIGGER



ArtikelNr: S106049000A0WHEEL UNIT SENSORS (WUS)
The wheel unit sensors are equiped with a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor and an accelerometer. Transmission starts automatically when a change in acceleration is detected. The transmission rate varies according to the mode described below :

* sleeping mode : vehicle at storp - no transmission
* paddock mode : vehicle at stop - sensor woke up by LF trigger - transmission every 20 seconds
* driving mode : vehicule en mouvement - transmission every seconds
Two kind of sensors are available : one sensor for 8.5mm hole valve diameter ; one sensor for 11.5mm hole valve diameter.
You can contact us if you don't know the one you have to use.
High performance material to endure centrifugal stress
Sensor issed from OEM industry, simple and robust concept

ArtikelNr: S1040011100A0DISPLAY
The display gives to the mechanic guy the real time pressure and temperature of the 4 wheels mounted in the car. dsp-auto.png

This display will make easier the tires pressure picking up by having the real time information on the display as soon as the vehicle comes back in the paddock (no manual action on the valve).

The display can also been installed in the cockpit to inform the pilot at an early stage of any tire damages so he can return to the paddock before arriving to a critical situation.
Furthermore, as all values are shown on the permanently backlit display, the driver is able to immediately see the condition of the newly mounted tires after the pitstop. This way the driver gets the confidence he needs to drive the car on a high level.

Eliminate manual checking on each valves
Real time information for the Pilot

The RCU receives and sends the data transmitted by the sensors (real time transmission) to the car acquisition module via CAN or analogue output.
The Team programs the idenfying code of each sensors (up to 64) in the receiver thanks to a software interface and define its final location on the bike. The RCU will then detect automatically a tire change and log the correct wheel values.

During the race, the team is informed in real time of each tire  pressure and temperature status thanks to the car telemetry system. After the race, the acquisition engineer will download the data through its main datalogger software and analyse tire behaviour to optimize pressure settings and driving.

Easy fitting and configurating system
Suitable with all data logger manufacturer

The LF Trigger is a diagnostic tool that gives you a reliable and fast reading for each tire :
- sensor ID number
- pressure and temperature
- sensor battery status
The LF Trigger allows a communication with the WUS by sending LF (Low Frequency commands. The WUS answers by sending interpretable RF frames.The electronic is integrated into a resisting plastic case protected by a shockproof membrane.

Easy checking (Wireless Technology) of Tire Pressure, Temperature & Battery status
Fitting Testing / Quality Control before setting the tire on the bike

The TIRE WATCH Light version for all road motorcycles

TIRE WATCH™  is a system of high technology, simple and reliable. It answers to an always growing need of road safety by constantly measuring the pressure as well as the temperature of tires. It informs the pilot in real-time in case of a slow leakage or a puncture. The driver is alerted by a light indicator (led is blinking) and can react before the tire may place your safety at risk.

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