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Mitas C-25 C-24 Motocross


Mitas Moto has undertaken several projects this year to bring new products to customers. Through our innovations, we aim to strengthen Mitas' position, especially on the off-road market,” said Ksenija Bitenc, managing director for Mitas Moto. “In the motocross range, #Mitas has several new products that will fulfil the expectations of different riders in the #motocross world.

The all-new Mitas #C-25 and #C-24 tyres boast top-notch self-cleaning properties and excellent riding characteristics on sand and muddy terrains. Mitas C-25 and C-24 will be released for sale in December 2014. Other new products in the motocross tyre segment are Mitas C-27 and C-26. Their main advantages are good durability and optimal riding properties on rough terrain.

These tyres will be available in November 2014.

New profiles will be produced in the two most popular dimensions:

80/100 -21 TT (51M)  Mitas C-25

110/90 -19 TT (62M)  Mitas C-24

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